akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Sunday, 14 June 2009

CF TT session 12.06.2009

I attended OGA 2009 exhibition at KL Convention Center on Friday 12th. June 2009.
Killed 3 birds with 1 stone.
  1. Visited Ibu and Ayah at Senawang the night before.
  2. Attended the exhibition.
  3. Meet up with riders for CF TT session at Pelita Restaurant Jalan Ampang.
I went there quite early - was already there by 5:30 pm. Famished, for I didn't really had a good lunch. The sky was also getting dark, with occasional thunder. It's never a bad thing to be early, anyway. Well, I'm quite early - by half an hour for the regular once-a-month meeting on every second Friday of the month. I killed time with a plate of nasi goreng and iced tea avec lychee. Apparently I killed only 10 minutes of the time with those. Very well then, it wouldn't do any harm to me for a glass of teh tarik, though the TT session is not about teh tarik itself.

Azizan came around 6:30 pm. He was caught in a jam. Imagine being caught in a jam in KL streets even though you're riding a bicycle. That bad. Kuman came too, albeit only for a while. Thoryol Pemalu, BC Kelolo and Axy were also there that evening. Ahh, faces are now attached to familiar nicknames found in BBS. 2 other fellas joined us, before the scheduled slow ride from Pelita starts. Being a shy guy, I didn't ask for their names. *blush*

What do I think of the session? It's a social meet up among bikers. Naturally, the topics being discussed are about bicycles - bikes, gadgets, happenings, events and the likes. I got positive feedbacks about this blog from Azizan, too. Something that we need, once in a while. Azizan also told me that somehow this blog bars him from posting comments through Opera on his mobile phone. Must be some setting somewhere, which I don't really have a good knowledge of.

I didn't RTW on a CF last Friday, but I reckon attending the small gathering is much more special. So yes, it's a good monthly gathering. I'll try to make it the next time I'm in KL on the meeting day insyaAllah.

Huhu... I bet Azizan is itching to post a comment on this one. How about a short ride to the 'net cafe, bro?

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kuman said...

sapa kata KLCC tak hujan?? nie azizan punya pasal la sampai aku mandi ujan dari Kuchai Lama sampai ke KLCC... sampai aku lupa nak tanya mana nak datang benda alah nie untuk bukak octalink aku...

sapa nak bertanggungjawab atas soklan aku tu??
aku memang lepak kejap jek... dah rutin dari kul 6pm sampai kul 7.30pm... kalau lambat nanti anak call... tunggu ayah untuk makan malam.

akmalhizam said...

waakakaka... sian kau.
soalan bakal terjawab dalam masa terdekat.
jawapan sedang diusahakan.
jeng jeng jeng... nantikan entry baru dalam 2-3 hari ni.

kalau kau tanya itu hari, kebetulan dalam poket aku mmg dah ada dah tool tu.

Panahsakti said...

Sekarang ini selalu miss kayuh kerana kurang sihat. Lagi pun kalau nak keluar menteri kewangan jeling-jeling takut saya demam balik.

azizan abd aziz said...


TQ for coming. Best dapat jumpa kau. Ni aku baru dapat gi cyber cafe...hehe...sorry la late komen.