akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Thursday, 30 December 2010

29.12.2010 Adam Rides!

After braving himself up, and I helped with lowering down the saddle on his bike, he pedaled on two wheels yesterday evening. I can understand the feeling of falling down while learning to ride the bicycle without training wheels. Almost all of us got through that phase, hadn't we? Well, if you're learning to use clipless pedals, that's another phase, right?
It took us about half an hour going back and forth on the tarmac in front of the house. He balanced himself, me holding his saddle on the back while walking, and at last he made it. Just like my neighbour Jamsari taught me when I was 9 (yes, that's quite late), I held the saddle for a few runs. Then quietly I let go and Adam cruised by himself for a short distance.
It's nice to see him getting his confidence, and motivation ensued. When he broke the news to his Mak, he even mentioned of getting swimming lessons after this.
As a father, a tiny lesson there:
1. you have to let go.
2. you have to see him fall to get it going.
Adam as the student, I can see a few things in him:
1. he's brave enough to learn, in the first place
2. he's brave to take a fall
3. motivated after clearing a phase, and ready for the next
The missus was happy with the progress. This evening, the fun would continue. Oh, and a whole lot more, as has been drawn up by wifey. Bike excursions, etc., you know...
Well, one revolution at a time.
Have a great weekend, y'all.
And a happy new year.
May our future be blessed, insyaAllah.


Anonymous said...

Wats with teaching him this late, like at the end of the hols ?
He missed the whole month le.
He He

akmalhizam said...

Well, it took him that long to brave up to learn how to.
Forcing wud only put him off, as it has, for the past half of the year.