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akmal's bike park

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Manitou Magnum

bottomed out, but there's hope for a new lease of life
From the BBS chatbox a few weeks ago, someone showed his old skool Barracuda mtb through a link of a forum. Thumbing through that, I got a link to technical manuals of old Manitou forks. I happen to have one of them - Manitou Magnum - which came with the ProFlex frame from my brother Hafiz.
It would be nice to have the Magnum brought to life again, now that is is bottomed out due to the elastomer (in lieu of coil springs) disintegrated and turned to some sticky goo.
Fortunately, Wings-Suspension caters for elastomer replacement coils, for cases such as mine. However, Magnum is not listed in their offering for old Manitou forks. I've asked if they have one, and no reply yet. Well, perhaps the ones for Manitou 4 should be okay for Magnum. The next thing is of course, whether I could afford to have the replacement kit.
Another thing, though, the travel shall be around 50-60 mm only. Compare that to the current trend of having the minimum travel of 80 mm and normally 100 mm.
Big difference. Well, the motivation for this rebuilding? Purely from the novelty aspect, the ol' skool thingy.
Waiting patiently for this side project, if it would ever take off.
Thanks for coming by.
Have a great day!


Mat_Yoe said...

Salam bro...

Aku pun ada satu oldskool mtb,a 1998 Univega DS900 with suspension fork(Zokes LT).seems to be doing okey,though sometimes bottom out on rough terrain. tengah cari cara utk ejas damping & rebound. any idea?thanks,in advance...:)

akmalhizam said...

insyaAllah kalau ada apa2 info, aku roger.