akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Tuesday 5 April 2011

03.04.2011 Seri Alam/Plentong Offroad - Geotagging

In preparation for the upcoming GUMQ'11, I made it a point to go offroad last Sunday. That, and also to try out geotagging.
Went to Ruza at Taman Scientex by car, and had breakfast. 12 of us led by EG went out via Taman Scientex, Flora Heights, UniKL and meet up with Atuk at The Big Valley Ranch aka Kandang Kuda. Earlier, Atuk had to go back home in Seri Alam to get his shoes, hence the meetup.
We went down Jongkang Jongket towards Canopy where we are to meet up with Neo and his Cyclemotion gang, plus Rideables from Singapore to join their ride. We did meet up with Wa Cycles too, at the same meeting point. That's when my phone battery ran out of juice. Too bad, there are so many riders (including Koh and Sue form WC)  but I managed to get only a few shots. Sorry guys, perhaps next time your faces would eventually appear in my Picasa.
I powered Sports Tracker right from the start, and set the phone camera to retrieve position data from satellite (it sounds real techy, eh?). All went okay, until about 2 hours later when my battery totally exhausted.
Went uphill and at the Brake Pad junction, I replaced the battery with a spare, and resumed ST. Well, the second battery lasted much shorter and my phone stopped at 11.20 am.
The ride total distance for me was about 38km. I did manage to get a few shots (in here) with geotagging and GPS tracking too. You could view the place where the shot is taken, on the map on right panel (Photo Locations), or click here. Too bad, I don't know how to upload (yet) the tracking that I made on Sunday. Or, whether such thing is supported in Picasa.
We went out quite late, circa 1.45 pm, so I decided to just cycle home and get the car at Pasir Gudang later. With Atuk's help, I went to get my car with him at 3.30 pm.
The ride? A mixed feeling, really. Exhilirating, exhausting, boring at some point, but with some adventure too. I have to note here that it's quite nice to have a lot of riders congregating in there, like a mini jamboree but without lucky draws and stickers on the riders' plates.


Anonymous said...

Dear Akmal,

May be one tip that I can share with you when using the sports tracker is that not to allow the phone connected to the network. This is shown when the 3G connection arrows shows permenant. This will saves you battery. The phone will only use the sattelite
detector instead of connecting always to the network and updating the map.

Wassalam . lanzzz

akmalhizam said...

Thanks for your input. Perhaps it was my Cokia batteries I was using that came with the 2nd hand phone. The unit was not connected to network, only stellite, all the time. Can't afford for the extravagant bill as I'm not on data plan.