akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sports Tracker

Part of the reason for the new (well, bought secondhand) phone is to have the GPS. I installed Sports Tracker app, and now I'm able to track my cycling route for free.

I uploaded my trackings to the Sports Tracker website, and could also export .GPX file of the tracking to memory card on the phone. I'm not sure if 'Export to Google Earth' is actually exporting the .KML file. Anyway, I could then view the tracking on Google Earth. Nice.

Another thing also is that it keep track of the music track I'm listening to while riding. This bonus came as a surprise. Can't view the details on the phone's interface, though, just on the website. Not to worry, for I plugged only the left earphone for my safety on the road.

Here's the snapshot of yesterday's ride home from the office:
riding home from office 01.04.2011
And the vertical profile:
nice graph
Okay, so next up is to try out the geotagging thingy. Best for during riding offroad.

Credit goes to Dino for showing me the way, and being the big part of influencing me into all of this.


Sharunizan Mohamed Mahusin said...

cuma satu je kekurangnya bro..makan bateri cepat..klu route more than 30km should spare another batery

akmalhizam said...

Tu lah, aku guna spare pun, each cuma boleh utk sejam je. Agaknya pasal bateri Cokia kot.

sero said...

ade experience lost of credit atau additional charges kat bil telefon bile gune sport-tracker ni tak?..

atau aku sorang je yg prasan credit tepon aku ni hilang camtu aje