akmal's bike park

akmal's bike park

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Kulaijaya Extreme Cycling Carnival - 12.06.2011

I've never been to Kulaijaya, but my guess is that it is in Kulai.
Specifically, it'll be held at Hutan Bandar Putra Kulaijaya (1°40'13"N 103°39'16"E). That's not too far from JB. That means it's an event not to be missed. Not only because of the venue itself, but for the string of events promised by the organizer as well.
There'll be a 55km epic ride, Urban Downhill by Southern DH colony, Polo Bike demo match (as featured in Cycling Asia issue #5), Mom's Slow Ride Bike Race, Kidz Fun Bike Race and Kidz Colouring Contest. Also in the menu which is quite valuable for me is Proper Cycling Clinic. They also would have info and promotional booth set up. Okay, so that's for everyone in the family. Hmm... will there be a nursery or something for my youngest, Umar (1y+), I wonder?
Organizer is KBRK (Kelab Berbasikal dan Rekreasi Kulaijaya, formerly known as KBC - Kulai Black Crow). Google up 'kelab berbasikal dan rekreasi kulaijaya', hit 'I'm Feeling Lucky' and you'll get to their blog (or click this link, for your convenient). Cyclemotion, Element DH, PG Gerek and HSACC are involved as well in bringing out this event.
Head on to their event site for registration details.


koh said...

This has turned into a 45km ride. I hope to join but still deciding. There is another at Jasin a week plus before this. I think most Wacycles will join the Jasin ride. But i dont want to wake up at 4am and travel to Melaka so Kulaijaya would be a better choice. Hope it does not turn out like crazy UTM.

akmalhizam said...

If 45 then it's good. Oh, yeah, Jasin. I missed last year's. Hmmm... you've got me re-thinking. Aiyahhh... so many jamborees.